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Most Frequent Questions About Vape Juice

How often can I vape e-Juice?

You can vape as often or as much as you need, or as often as your wallet dictates that you can afford to buy replacement e-Juices! Remember, you cannot overdose nicotine. On average, you can get around 240 puffs from a 2ml e-Juice chamber before having to refill, however, it really comes down to your own personal vaping preferences and lung capacity, etc. Some hardcore users only get about 30 puffs from a vape pen before needing to refill it!


Why are some e-Juices so cheap than others?


Well, you get what you pay for. The price reflects the hard work, expertise and expensive of running state of the art equipment and technologies used to really get the best vape juice which is available at eliquid-depot.com


Cheap e-Juices are cheap for a reason, they are lacking in something, usually the potency they claim to have. Most people associate cheap products with coming from China, where output and sales are considered a higher priority than quality, however, there is also a danger closer to home too. Some Western-made products which are often manufactured in small home laboratories, people making tinctures themselves, and fly by night companies cannot guarantee that their products have the levels of ingredients that they say they have in them. Small labs or amateur e-Juice makes have much more room for human error than in fully equipped, certified factories.


Pro Tip: Never purchase e-Juice that has a handwritten label, or worse, has no label at all.


How long is the shelf life of e-Juice?


If you store your e-Juice in a cool, dark, dry place, it can last for a long time, over two years in fact. If you keep it in the freezer, you can preserve the e-Juice for even longer. However, we suggest you use your e-Juice as soon as possible because over time (about 15 months) the potency of the nicotine and flavors diminishes. It will not go bad, but it will not taste brilliant, and the liquid will get thicker and darker, so it does not look very appealing either.


Can I make my own e-Juice?


Yes, you can.

There is a whole heap of guides, How-to and instructional videos on the internet that share methods and recipes which can save you money. It is also a great way to creating your own flavor concoctions, and you will feel pretty cool, almost like an alchemist. However, we do not recommend making your own e-Juice. There is a lot of research and mathematics involved, and some people just cannot be bothered devoting time to learning the skill. The thing is, you cannot be blase about making your own e-Juice, or go at it half-heartedly because precision and knowledge are the key factors to getting it right. If you do not have those, there’s no point trying, otherwise:


  • There is a risk of poisoning – either from low-quality ingredients or from having done the mathematics incorrectly
  • There is a risk of it not working or the results not being what you wanted, which means wasted time, manpower and weed. Never a good thing!


If these risks do not faze you, then you can go ahead to look into great recipe.


Pro-Tip: It is always best to buy your e-Juice from local dispensaries or from reputable website eliquid-depot.com. Let them do all the hard, potentially dangerous, and mind-numbing mathematics for you, so you can relax and enjoy high-quality vape juice.


There are many reasons why we here at eliquid-depot.com love e-Juice. They are so easy to use, the flavors are delicious, the hit is amazing, and you get the power of nicotine concentrates. Tanks are reasonably easy to clean, though yes, the cleaning process can take time, but this type of technology is helping to push the Era forwards.


If you still have any questions about e-Juice then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will send you answers back right away. We will also amend the guide to include the questions you got in touch about.